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Stil Intermed

Industrial Cleaning Solutions

Re-branding for one of the regional key players in the car wash industry. Industrial detergents, industrial cleaning solutions and perfumes, high pressure water pumps and accessories, industrial vacuum cleaning systems and accessories, self service car wash systems, spare parts and consumables.

We worked closely with the client, on site, to sketch and implement a brand strategy and architecture so that the final holistic image would be aligned with the vision, mission and values that the client owns and operates in the marketplace.

The design of the product catalog was done in multiple phases so that when we started assembling the final comp, we had all the details, descriptions, information and small pieces sorted out.

The packshots for the products were done on location, to ensure that we would find the best looking products the inventory could hold and also for the client’s convenience, the large products weighing in well over one hundred kilograms.