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“Brand” is often taken to just mean brand identity. But branding is much more than the identity as indicated by the logo, colors and typography.

Branding also requires you to review your key audiences and how they perceive your brand proposition compared to competitors.

1. Business context.
2. Customer and market analysis.
3. Brand including creation of different brand models such as the Brand Onion.
4. Industry and market sectors.
5. Products.
6. Competitors.
7. One page brand audit summary.
8. Client-Agency relationship.


Brand Vision and Identity
  • Brand vision and identity.
  • Definitions for brand vision, brand positioning, brand identity and brand guidelines.
  • The 2 main approaches to delivering a brand vision and a brand identity with a focus on the classical approach (Aaker) and the Challenger approach.
  • Developing your brand vision, brand positioning, brand identity.
Brand Communication
  •  Develop a digital communications strategy based on PR Smith’s SOSTAC(R) and Smart Insights RACE planning frameworks.
  • An understanding of how brand perception can be shaped using the established strategic approach to brand-building and what can be done to enhance your brand image.
  • Best practice communication strategies within an organisation, so as to facilitate collaboration that will help all develop their marketing abilities.

The 7 steps covered are:
1. Situation Analysis: Brand Communication Strategy
2. Brand-building objectives
3. Brand development strategies
4. Tactics
5. Actions: Campaign Management
6. Budget setting
7. Control and Measurement

Brand Interrelationship

Side-by-side Brand Comparison

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