Key elements for businesses are creating and maintaining a degree of trust, interest and also a unique approach to a specific market.

Our team is comprised of motion and still graphic designers, photographers, cinematographers, marketing specialists, copywriters, social media specialists, digital producers and programmers.

We also work closely with an array of external professionals, such as actors, singers, directors, make-up artists, hair stylists, fashion stylists, modeling agencies, scouts to ensure that we have the best possible team in any situation and that we can deliver the best possible results, in the given time with the available resources, from the first concept to the finished deliverable.


Integrated Marketing Communication is the implementation of brand messaging through traditional and non-traditional communication channels and using different promotional means to reinforce each other. We develop marketing strategies and implement campaigns that include multiple marketing disciplines (advertising, PR, promotion, owned assets, social media) that are chosen to fulfill the particular goals of the brand. We have at our disposal ATL and BTL channels which are in continuous change and morph due to complexities of real-time, multimodal, multi directional communication over Digital/Interactive Marketing and Specialized Media.


Developing a good relationship with the target market is essential for a brand. Tangible elements of brand development include the product itself; look, price, the packaging, etc. The first moment of truth elements form the experience that the consumer has with the brand.


Our PR experts can maintain and ensure media relations, brand management and content development through digital and regular communication channels. We can help broadcast your success story with powerful and memorable communication campaigns.


Packaging or labeling refers to the process of design, evaluation, and production of packages for a product or service. Packaging is a system of preparing goods for transport, storage, merchandising, sale, and end use.


Our specialists create integrated processes of brand building by forming brand relationships through branding options in the competitive marketplace. Key levels of branding: Corporate brand, umbrella brand, family brand, endorsed brands, sub-brands or individual product brand.


Over the years we have worked with organizations and start-ups in different industries like pharma, auto, energy, construction retail, IT, beauty etc. offering support to redefine their services and increase efficiency in building and managing their client data bases in order to attract the wide audience.


Digital and social media marketing is one tool favored by most companies to communicate in an authentic way and to solidify their relations with the customers.


An online marketing strategy takes into consideration how search engines work, the actual search terms or keywords and which search engines are preferred by their audience. However a good ranking in a search engine depends on building quality web pages that engage, retain and persuade, also using analytics software so that the site owners could measure results and improve a site’s conversion rate.