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We own a film/photo studio that is destined to produce ad spots or high-end moving and still images. Once a script has been approved, and the budget cleared, the production enters into the pre-production phase. In pre-production, we hire the actors and prepare them for their roles, we sign on the necessary crew, we search for the shooting locations, we build sets or acquire them, and we acquire the proper shooting permits for the locations. Once a production enters into this stage, called principal photography, we begin filming. 

Productions are usually done in secured studios, with limited to no public access, but we also shot on location on secured sets. When shooting in public locations, major productions often imply increased security measures to ensure the protection of the talent and crew working on a specific production. After shooting all the necessary film footage, the production enters into post production. The editing, musical score, visual effects, re-recording of the dialog, and sound effects are “mixed” to create the final ad spot or cinema footage.