Learn to Listen

Listen to Understand

Understand to Inspire

Inspire to Create

Create to Innovate

OptiBit is the agency for the digital era, that is structured to meet the needs of clients and brands. Our core values are based around cutting edge technology to ensure that consumers are immersed into a unique experience with our clients. The vision of putting together graphic design, photography, videography, marketing & PR, computer programming, data analysis, planning and media planning to create, shape or form a healthy brand, lead to what we are today.

In other words, we build brands.

Thanks to our in house digital studio we can cut down the production costs for our clients that need still or moving images. We build platforms/applications, e-commerce, mobile, social, develop integrated  marketing campaigns, we do point of sales materials.

Our own photo studio


our ambition     

To be “the go to” team for mind bending creative ideas that shape our clients brands and character

we aim     

To create strong, integrated, memorable campaigns and solid brands

our essence     

Together | Each | Achieves | More

our big challenge     

To become from great to awesome

we live by     

Accountability | Courage | Passion

we believe in     

Learning | Recognition | Creativity | Research



The planning department offers a broad array of strategic market insights. It works in collaboration with the Media, Data analysis and Research Department to offer a strong and reliable point of view on our clients industries, making it easier to highlight niches or opportunities for their brands.


Our creative staff integrates media planning and media buying in the original base plan of a brand, making sure that the architecture is implemented on all channels of communication, thus yielding an increased brand awareness reflected also in sales, market penetration, market and volume share, customer loyalty.


Who, What, When, Where, Why, Why not, How much, How little, How can we use these insights about a customer or consumer to better our strategy, to improve the game plan and customer experience/interaction with our clients brands? Answers reveal more questions, more questions reveal more information about the targeted segments of a specific industry.


What is good copy and how can it benefit you? Well, good writing anticipates reader questions, it takes into consideration what’s been already said, it’s simple but not shallow, it has logic and structure, it tells a full story, is explanatory, last but not least, it’s grounded in data and research. Copywriting is a good story told in the right place, at the right time, to the right audience, in the right context.


Great Visual Design implemented across all platforms and channels is a universal language that each and every costumer can understand, and relate to, regardless of where they’re from and who they are.


We believe that our clients are our partners. We are working closely with them to reach common goals, set on short, medium and long terms. Together we identify opportunities, create strategies, level expectations, track costs and ROI. We team together with our clients to improve every aspect of their brands. The Customer Care team is responsible for organizing and allocating our resources on demand, activating only those required, in order to maintain developing costs within a set budget.


Our digital production teams deliver the best possible work within the given time and budget. We find, mold, shape, form and implement solutions to projects.


We have an in house, state of the art, digital studio prepared to create moving or still visual content for our clients projects that can ensure overall quality at reasonable low costs.